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Tania Gill, piano/melodica

Tania Gill

Tania Gill is primarily a pianist who also composes, sometimes sings and often uses a melodica, accordion or other keyboards.   A strong original voice in the Toronto music scene, Tania is an original member of former Toronto noise/art/rock group Deep Dark United, Myk Freedman’s St. Dirt Elementary School, Barnyard Records supergroup Blah Blah 666, has toured with Brodie West’s improv/jazz/performance art group Zebradonk, Charles Spearin and the Happiness Project and many others.  Tania co-leads an outlandish folk group with Doug Tielli called Lowlands (Lowlands 2010), and released her first CD as a leader, Bolger Station, with the Tania Gill Quartet in 2010, which received critical acclaim and was one of the Globe and Mail’s Top Ten discs of the year.