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Rob Clutton, bass

Rob Clutton

Rob Clutton is a bassist and composer living in Toronto. His solo bass project includes the CDs Dubious Pleasures (2004) and Suchness Monster (2009) on the Rat- drifting label. Current group projects include The Cluttertones, Drumheller, the Titanium Trio, Steve Koven Trio, Quorum, The Ryan Driver Quartet, N, Clutton/Michelli/West, John Millard and Happy Day, and The Bill Grove Quartet. These and other projects have released numerous recordings, which have led to touring in North America, Europe, and Japan.

“Clutton's unbound creativity, amiability and taste glint off his fingertips every time he touches his grandly weathered double bass… a man I suspect of being the finest musician in Toronto.”

- Carl Wilson, Globe & Mail.