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Peter Lutek, reeds

Peter Lutek

Peter Lutek, reed instrumentalist, performs improvised music. His training as a classical and avant–garde bassoonist led to extensive exploration of the clarinets and saxophones, as well as composition and electronic synthesis. He has played with New Music Concerts (Toronto), NUMUS (Waterloo), and the Freddie Stone Ensemble, and was a founding member of the 40 Fingers saxophone quartet. Peter was also a member of the Toronto collective, Composers Workshop. He leads ENGINE, and performs regularly with Tom Richards’ Riverrun, David Mott, David Buchbinder, Andrew Downing, Circle Music Band, and the Avi Granite. Mr. Lutek also works as a sound engineer. He was session engineer, editor, and mixer for the 40 fingers quartet, and has been responsible for all phases of production in numerous recordings over the last 10 years for David Mott, Joseph Petric, and Tom Richards. Mr. Lutek also mixed and mastered ‘The Tortoise’, the acclaimed debut recording by Rob Mosher’s Storytime.